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LatnBadBoyz 2020 Model Seth Glasscock

In May of 2020 LatnBadBoyz selected a new model after a year hiatus. Ruben was informed of a gentleman who might have been of interest to him as a possible model. Seth is a mix of White and Mexican descent and once the boss researched his photos he felt he might be a good fit to bring in a new crowd of younger fans. Ruben began connecting with Seth and they hit it off and then eventually they decided on a date to bring him out for a test shoot. 

Once we started doing his test shots Ruben decided he would sign him to represent LatnBadBoyz Photography as one of our newest Models. Seth comes to us from Dallas Texas and is 21 years old and he just happens to have like a country boy accent and he also lived in Arkansas and he is a really nice guy and very polite and says his interest are Latina women and he showed us some pics of his ex's and we have to admit he has pretty good taste in women. We scheduled Seth for a test shoot but the boss decided he wanted more than just test shots and now he is our official model and represents the good looks LatnBadBoyz is known for. Yes he has a different look than the other well known models but that was the reason he was selected for we wanted to take it in a different level and look at his shoot he fit the bill and gave us lots of great shots!    

LatnBadBoyz in Puerto Rico 2016


LatnBadBoyz takes their models to La Isla del Encanto The Pearl of the Carribean for Labor Day Weekend. This time around we have 4 of the Models joining us Tiago Salinas, Jay Sanchez, Hugo Jaimes & Larry Rico as we shoot on location at El Morro San Juan Puerto Rico. In 1961, the United States Army officially retired from El Morro. The "fort" became a part of the National Park Service to be preserved as museums. In 1983, the Castillo and the city walls were declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. In honor of the Quincentennial of the voyages of Columbus in 1992 the exterior esplanade was cleared of palm trees that had been planted by the U.S. Army in the Fort Brooke era, and restored to the open appearance this "field-of-fire" for El Morro's cannon would have had in colonial Spanish times. Parking lots and paved roads were also removed, and the El Morro lighthouse repaired and restored to its original appearance. El Morro was used as a film set in the 1996 motion picture AmistadSteven Spielberg used it to represent a fort in Sierra Leone where African slaves were auctioned in 1839. African slave labor was used in addition to local labor to help build the castillo. El Morro was a defensive military fortification and a major component of San Juan's harbor defense system. Puerto Rico as such was considered by the Spanish crown as the "Key to the Antilles"; no enemy ship could navigate its waters without fear of capture.

Texas 2016


LatnBadBoyz takes their models to meet one another to become a family. This year we gained a new model Hugo Jaimes and we created a trip to Huston, Austin and San Antonio Texas and of course we did a few photos. 

Miami 2015


LatnBadBoyz took a trip to Florida for our Annual get together. We all went to meet up at Tiago's house in W. Palm Beach Florida and here is a video of Tiago! 

LatnBadBoyz in South Beach


We were in South Beach and met up with LatnGayBoyz Model Jorge Luis. (L-R) Tiago, Jorge Luis, Jay Sanchez & Louie Von Vee. 




LatnBadBoyz in Austin Texas 2016


Memorial Weekend for our trip to Texas we partied in Cielo Night Club with Fans of LatnBadBoyz.  

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