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I'm Ruben and back in 2009 I came up with a unique name and decided to use it to show off my selection of Latino Male Models and call it LatnBadBoyz Photography. I began selecting friends that I knew personally and post their photos onto Myspace and later FaceBook and then began receiving requests from other men requesting how could they become a LatnBadBoyz Model.

First off I want to make it very clear, In NO WAY, Shape, fashion or form do I do any photos nude for anyone!!

I am not affiliated nor do I endorse anyone affiliated or close to having anything to do with pornography. I just like to do photos of attractive men and it is professional and clean. The Male Models featured on this page are Hetrosexual to best of my knowledge and are interested in Women. Many have become personal friends of mine and are not gang members. These Men featured appreciate body art and are not criminals, so please don't judge a book by it's cover. Many are single Dad's who love their children and try to be the best Fathers they can be.  


Since there was no way for me to travel all over the world photographing these good looking men, I then decided to share their photos onto my personal page. My page became more well known and I decided to create my own Like Page on FaceBook and it became a huge success. I then began photographing more Latinos and they became well known on socail media pages by name.


When I began featuring photos from the Latino Men who wanted me to take their photos, my page grew and more fans came and wanted to see more photos of good looking Latinos. I am grateful for all the love from everyone and for the Latino Men who are LatnBadBoyz Models past and present and hope one day we can begin to notice that not all of Latino Men look like those in the magazines and we can begin to feature some real LatnBadBoyz to represent our favorite brands out there.

Love, Ruben

LatnBadBoyz Photos are Watermarked for the protection of our models and our brand. Any misuse of our photos will be reported to the site where they are being used and will be taken down. If you would like to pay to use our photos on a flyer or club please contact Ruben directly @ 

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